Jordan Ferris for West-Linn Wilsonville School Board


In 2019 I decided to be the change that I wanted to see in the world. I believe that a quality public education is a right belonging to all children and that a good public education can change lives. My name is Jordan Ferris and I am running for Position 4 of the West Linn Wilsonville School Board.

Why I’m Running for west linn-Wilsonville school board

As a nurse in our community I am passionate about making sure that we increase access and opportunities for all of our students. I believe in making sure that the same opportunities are available for all families regardless of their yearly income. We have a great district but we could be even better!

I want to help to address the safety, social and emotional needs of the children in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District. Oregon has one of the nation’s highest suicide rates, with those rates highest among middle school aged children. Experts have speculated that this is due to several factors but central to it is a lack of after school supervision and social isolation. We have no safety nets for our middle schoolers and our community cannot be rocked by the death of one of its own again.

My daughter will be in middle school in a few short years and as a full-time working parent in a two-parent, full-time working household I need to know that she is taken care of after school. That kind of care needs to be available for everyone, not just those who can afford it.

“It takes a community to maintain a human,” Earon Davis


The West linn-wilsonville Performance Gap

As a district, West Linn-Wilsonville performs well, but individual schools are lacking. Oregon Department of Education report cards show that there is an achievement gap in our district. This needs to be addressed and all schools must be high performing if our district is to continue to be considered one of the best in the state!

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Student and mental health

As a nurse I am passionate about upstream thinking - being proactive instead of reactive - and creating access for our students. Near and dear to my heart is increased access to student health and specifically mental health services for West Linn-Wilsonville students. We need to be considering basic needs, safety, and social, emotional and cultural needs of all students. We should have enough counselors in our schools to be able to actually counsel students and not only do college counseling.

We need to connect our families to our schools and to our community partners for effective problem solving. We should have services that are flexible enough to be able to meet each and every UNIQUE need of students and families.

Transparency, accountability and Bond oversight

Engaging community stakeholders in every conversation the West Linn-Wilsonville school board is having in incredibly important to me. As an elected official it is my job to fully represent all of the diverse viewpoints that our community has. This means talking to business and homeowners, students and faculty, resource staff and student teachers. It means getting a well-rounded response to any question that might be asked.

When we pass our next bond and levy, our community needs to know that we will do what we said we would do, for the right amount of cost and in the time frame we promised.